To blog or not to blog....

A compilation of the thoughts in my brain, the questions I have and the journey of life. Not meant to educate, but merely to entertain and (hopefully) initiate some good discussion. Comments are welcome...come join the conversation.

Great blogs and websites

Food and Health

Spoonfed   A fantastic blog that addresses raising kids to think about the food they eat. 

Meet Me at Midtown  A blog written by a Midtown Athletic Club member that talks about some of the health and wellness issues central to our society.

crockpot365  If you have a must check out this website for recipe ideas.

aimeesadventures  WW Friendly Site

halfmysize WW Friendly Site

skinnytaste WW Friendly Site

pointlessmeals WW Friendly Site (food looks fantastic!)


disneyprincessrecovery  One parent's journey to reclaim her daughter's imagination from the pervasive hold Disney has on our children.  Funny, thought provoking and a little bit scary (not the writing...the topics).

Mama Days  An incredibly well written blog about the ups and downs of parenting two small children.

interruptedwanderlust  A blog that covers all sorts of topics near and dear to my heart.  Parenting, health, food...she's got it all (and she's pretty cool!) 

Local Artists worth checking out

Kelly Powell Art  Awesome digital prints

Creativ Framing  Facebook page for Creativ Framing.  Located in Rochester, she has framed several of our prints and we love them.