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Thursday, September 8, 2011

And we're back...

Almost a year has gone by since I last blogged and I didn't think I missed it, but I was wrong.  Having this space to flesh out the thoughts in my head was pretty helpful before, so I'm hoping that it serves the same purpose now.  Plus, some friends have said that they missed knowing what was up in our lives, so I'm also using this space as a way to remember this time in our lives and update those that care to read about it. 

To update: S is now in First Grade and M has one more year of Preschool left.  Initally, she was going to head off to Kindergarten this fall, but after some careful consideration (and, let's face it, some pretty obvious signs from her that she just wasn't ready) we decided to hold her back.  Besides the money aspect of yet another year of Preschool, I couldn't be happier with the decision that we made.   We had a fantastic summer...complete with an amazing trip to Disney World, a few camps/swim lessons and general hanging out time.  Up until the last few weeks of the vacation, all was well but I feel like we all started getting on each other's nerves, so the start of school couldn't have come too soon.

M&S decided that they wanted to share a room for now, so we went and got them a bunk bed!!  My whole life (well, after I was 7) I said that I would NEVER, EVER get a bunk bed for my kids, but here we are and it seems to be working out just fine.  For those unfamiliar with the tale, when I was 7, I fell out of a bunk bed onto a concrete floor and broke my arm.  In all fairness to bunk beds, this was in the early 80's when the safety standards were, shall we say, lax compared to those today.  Slippery mattress, no railings, slippery sleeping bag...I never had a chance.  The cadillac of bunk beds that my children now possess is probably safer than the beds they slept in before
So far, the sleeping situation is a bit tricky, made even more complicated with S's early rising time (to catch a ridiculously early bus) and M's pre-school cold that has wiped her out.  All of my reservations and concerns aside though, I think it is such a special gift for them to be able to share a room.  They're learning to work together more to accomplish tasks and the laughter and creativity that comes out of their mouths makes my heart melt. 

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