To blog or not to blog....

A compilation of the thoughts in my brain, the questions I have and the journey of life. Not meant to educate, but merely to entertain and (hopefully) initiate some good discussion. Comments are welcome...come join the conversation.

About the blog (aka...what's the point)

I'm now about a month into this blog, and I still haven't found the direction that I want to go with it.  An online journal is how I started seeing how I type much faster than I write, but now I feel the need to say more and take a definitive stand on some issues that I care about.  I'd love to have the kind of blog that initiates discussion about these issues, but am not sure how to go about doing that.  I suppose only time will tell what will come of this, but for now the online journal that 2 or 3 people peruse is going to have to do.

I stumbled upon a "how to blog" (or something like that) blog that recommended setting up some "ground rules" about what your blog will or will not be/do/look like.  I kind of liked that idea because it gives it some structure, at least in my head.

So, here are the rules (for myself):

-I will not discuss political issues.  I'm not looking to get into a screaming match over issues I have little control.
-I will not use my children or husband's name.  I will not post pictures of them.
-I will not say anything derogatory about people that I know in real life. 
-I will not "bash" other bloggers.  Like me, they are putting themselves out there and deserve the respect that comes with sharing their views in a very public forum. 
-While I am linked to the Amazon Adsense, I am not using that to make money.  I like visual things, so if I can link to a picture to explain something, all the better.